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L3viathan Official
2 min readJun 12, 2021


L3viathan launching soon on BSC

Here is a quick run down on the token for those concerned about such things:

Total Supply: 23,000,000

Burned: 10,350,000 (45% before launch)

Whitelist Sale: 5,750,000 (25%)

Liquidity: 5,750,000 (25% LPs will be locked on Dxsale)

Marketing: 920,000 (4% marketing tokens not used before launch will be locked and emit on vesting schedule)

Team: 230,000 (1%)

Total tax per tx: 6%

Of which:

Total per tx to liquidity: 4%

Total per tx for tax: 1%

Total per tx reflection: 1%

Additional Features/Information: 45% burn before launch to create a blackhole to continue to grow taking more tokens out of circulation

Marketing funds set aside to allow funding for continuous development

Contract will not be renounced but it will locked for 7 day periods

Extremely active anti-bot/whale features will be utilized

Scavenger hunt for whitelist spot to allow dedicated members in at the ground floor to create a strong foundation.

Where we are at presently:

As of right now we have all the socials up ready to be joined and followed. Our website is deployed, and fully functioning.

The contract has been tested and is being tweaked here and there, as it stands we could publish and verify whenever we want.

We look forward to you joining l3viathan on BSC.



L3viathan Official

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